Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ubuntu 11:10 (Oneiric OCELOT) Release October 13

One well-known distributions of UNIX, Ubuntu will release a new series 11:10 in mid-October. Surely it would be the day is eagerly awaited by lovers of open source to be able to use these release.

Code name for Ubuntu is 11:10 Oneiric OCELOT at releasenya later. Probably also many of the users current Ubuntu 11.04 is a little disappointed with the use of desktop unity on the grounds that may be subjective ie, Unity does not provide easy access to menu-manu like what is given by the Gnome 2.

Thus even when I try to install Gnome 3, although present with her beautiful face, but not enough to reach the previous Ubuntu lovers heart. Here are some specs Ubuntu Oneiric OCELOT 11:10:

LightDM replace GDM as Default Display Manager. LightDM lighter than GDM and use the language of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

No more Classic Gnome Desktop

Unity 2D will remove the Ubuntu Classic Desktop.

PiTiVi and Computer Janitor is not in the release

Firefox 5.0 Final

Mozilla Thunderbird, replacing evolution

Improvements to the Software Center

There is a Backup Tool, Deja DUP

Linux Kernel 3.0-3

The other good news is that Mozilla Thunderbird 5.0 is now the default email client to replace Evolution Mail and Calendar.

As expected, GNOME 3 is now the default desktop environment with Unity as the shell interface. Unity is still there and has been fixed which allows users to tweak more.

11:10 The plan will be an official Ubuntu release on October 13, 2011. Let's wait ciamiknya appearance, whether capable of competing with other disto?.